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DOH-Sarasota offers comprehensive services for people living with HIV/AIDS and education/information for health care providers and other professionals.  Some HIV/AIDS services, including testing, are also available through our mobile medical unit, Health in Motion.

NOTICE: This site contains HIV prevention messages that may not be appropriate for all audiences.

HIV Tests  (*Se habla español)

HIV tests (for the virus that causes AIDS) are available to anyone. Two kinds of testing are available: anonymous and confidential.  Privacy is maintained with both types of testing, and it is your responsibility to come back for test results regardless of the type of testing that you choose.

*Test fees are based on ability to pay, and no one is turned away for inability to pay.

  1. Anonymous testing:  With anonymous testing, you do not give your name. Therefore, it is essential that you come back to receive your test results since the health department staff have no way of contacting you.
    Fee:  $20
  2. Confidential testing:  With confidential testing, you provide your name. This allows the health department staff to follow-up with you if necessary.
    Fee:  $

Locations offering HIV testing: 

For more information on confidential HIV tests:

  • Sarasota - (941) 861-2873

Medical & Pharmacy Services

Primary medical care, on-site laboratory services and assistance with prescriptions are available for HIV-positive individuals. To see if you qualify for Ryan White or other assistance programs, please contact a case manager.

Case Managers - Your Link to Services

Case managers link eligible clients with health care, psychosocial care, and other services in a timely and coordinated manner.  They can assist clients with Ryan White (Title II), AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP), and more.  Case management is offered through our Adult Health Care at the William L. Little Health & Human Services Center (downtown Sarasota) and North Port Health Center. 

Case manager activities include:

  • Assessment of a client's needs and personal support systems
  • Development of a service plan
  • Coordination of services to start plan
  • Monitoring and periodic reevaluation of plan, including revision when necessary

To reach a case manager: 

  • Sarasota:  (941) 861-2703
  • North Port:  (941) 861-3385

HIV/AIDS Education

HIV/AIDS Education services at DOH-Sarasota include:


The purpose of the HIV/AIDS surveillance program is to promote the ongoing, systematic collection, analysis, evaluation, and dissemination of epidemiologic data.  These data are used to plan, implement, and evaluate HIV/AIDS programs and interventions.  Surveillance in Florida identifies HIV-related conditions at various points along the spectrum of the disease from reporting of HIV infection in otherwise asymptomatic people, to death certificate review for HIV/AIDS-related mortality.

Florida state law requires health care providers to report to the DOH-Sarasota HIV/AIDS Surveillance Office any patient diagnosed with any of the following conditions:

  • Western Blot positive or qualitative PCR positive tests done after July 1, 1997.
  • Any CD4 tests with values below 200 or 14%
  • Any of the 26 AIDS-defining opportunistic infections defined by the CDC

For more information on HIV/AIDS Surveillance:  (941) 861-2873

Additional Resources

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